Telephone: +44 (0) 1298 872348
Telephone: +44 (0) 1298 872348

About Us

After over 30 years, Plasma Biotal are one of the world's longest-standing orthopaedic coating firms

Plasma Biotal UK – Company Overview

Plasma Biotal Ltd manufactures (Synthetic Bone) Calcium Hydroxylapatite and supplies coating services to medical device and orthopaedic implant manufacturers and hospitals worldwide from its base in the UK’s Peak District National Park, close to both Manchester and Sheffield.

The company was incorporated in April 1991 and was formed as a joint-venture between two existing companies. Plasma Coatings Ltd, who supply coating services to the Aerospace industry and have technical knowhow in the coatings field; and Processing & Chemicals Consultancy Services (PACCS Ltd) who are Chemical engineers and design and build chemical plants. More information on Plasma Coatings can be found on their website (

Sample quantities of synthetic bone were supplied from 1988 onwards for use in clinical trials and evaluations. It became clear that at that time many other companies who were supplying HA coatings for human implantation without understanding the complexity of the science involved. Analysis of the products available on the market at this time showed that there was a potential to significantly improve the quality of the coatings available.

Over 30 years on, Plasma Biotal are now one of the world’s longest-standing orthopaedic coating firms, and one of the leading suppliers of bespoke calcium phosphate based medical materials. We operate a quality system with ISO 13485 accreditation so you can be confident that every service we provide and product we sell is of the highest standard and comes to you with 100% traceability and a commitment to help create better healthcare solutions for all.

Plasma Biotal India

Plasma Biotal India Pvt. Ltd. is a supplier of hydroxylapatite coatings for the Indian market. Based in Pune, its brand new state of the art facility has the ability to coat both routine and custom devices to the ISO 13779-2 standard. For more information, please visit their website: