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Calcium Phosphate Products

Plasma Biotal offers a variety of medical grade, high quality, synthetic calcium phosphate powders – our CAPTAL ® product range. These materials are optimised to stimulate connective tissue growth in a variety of different applications, such as bone mineral substitution, tissue engineering, research and cosmetics.

We specialise in producing hydroxyapatite and beta-tricalcium phosphate powders with markedly high phase purity and crystallinity. This results in improved stability in vivo and superior long-term clinical outcomes. 

Here at Plasma Biotal we pride ourselves on our ability to collaborate with our customers and cater our products to your specific needs, producing a bespoke set of powder characteristics and particle engineering solutions to suit almost any application. An ethos shared by our coating service


CAPTAL ‘R’ / CAPTAL ‘S’ ® – Hydroxyapatite Powders


CAPTAL® Spray Grade Hydroxyapatite


A vial of cascading Captal spray grade powder


CAPTAL ® ‘R’ Reactor Grade Hydroxyapatite 

Fine unsintered white hydroxyapatite powder


CAPTAL ® ‘S’ Sintered Hydroxyapatite 

Fine sintered blue-white ceramic powder


CAPTAL ® ‘HT’ Microspheres Hydroxyapatite

Heat-Treated Densified Hydroxyapatite Microspheres

CAPTAL ACP ® – Amorphous Calcium Phosphate Powders


Hydroxyapatite Precursor

Fine white unsintered amorphous calcium phosphate powder


ß-TCP Precursor

Vial Of Fine Amorphous Calcium Phosphate Powder

CAPTAL® – Beta Tricalcium Phosphate Powder


CAPTAL ® β-Tricalcium Phosphate (TCP)


CAPTAL ‘R’ / CAPTAL ‘S’ ® – Hydroxyapatite Powders

Plasma Biotal specialises in the manufacturing of high crystallinity hydroxyapatite powders (typically 99%) and coatings (80-90%), produced at a high-purity. We have developed our process for the past 30 years and offer a variety of different products with varying morphologies and densities to suit specific applications.

All our hydroxyapatite products are prepared to the latest ISO 13779-6 standard, and are optimised for clinical use. The exceptional crystallinity of our sintered products significantly enhances stability in vivo, while our proprietary medical coating technology improves implant fixation and device survivability, thereby yielding superior clinical outcomes.

Our CAPTAL® ‘R’ / ‘S’ powders are suitable for a range of applications from large volume void fillers such as bone defect repair solutions and bone cements, regenerative scaffolds and precise therapies such as injectable devices,  drug loading matrix, and additive manufacture where high performance solutions can be developed, such as with our high flowability fully densified powder CAPTAL® HT microspheres.

Osteoconductive Coatings


Bone Graft


CAPTAL ACP ® – Amorphous Calcium Phosphate Powders

Our amorphous calcium phosphate powders come in two Ca:P ratios, 1.67 and 1.50 , these form highly crystalline hydroxyapatite or ß-TCP when sintered correctly.

CAPTAL ® amorphous products have a high specific surface area and smaller primary particle size than CAPTAL S ® sintered products. As a result, the material is well-suited to additive manufacture techniques, lending to the production of bioactive composite biomaterials.

Amorphous calcium powders have applications in their unsintered forms as a rapidly resorbing bulk material, generating an osteoinductive response and providing the local inorganic resources (calcium and phosphorous) required for accelerated osteoneogenesis.

Composite Biomaterials

Orthopaedic Devices

Dental Implants 

CAPTAL® – Beta Tricalcium Phosphate Powder

We produce synthetic, high phase purity Beta – Tricalcium Phosphate (ß-TCP), certified to the requirements of ASTM F1088-23.

With a Ca:P ratio of 1.50, ß-TCP is fully-resorbable through a cell-mediated response in vivo stimulating the resorption of the material and stimulation of natural bone growth and replacement. This makes it a material well suited to defect repair in hard-to-operate areas or perfect for resorbable devices with functional lifetimes aligned with the bone healing process. 

ß-TCP has numerous applications in resorbable medical devices, and is well suited to functionalise biopolymers such as PLLA.  TCP constructs will trigger an osteoinductive in addition to osteoconductive response, recruiting immature cells and stimulating matrix formation – this can be used to treat osteochondral defects in addition to bulk bone regeneration.


Osteoinductive Structures

Transient Regenerative Devices

Osteochondral Defect Repair